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Hello and welcome. I have absolute faith in the healing process, but I encourage you to read all the material on this site before making a decision to see me.

The title soul healer came from my clients, and I use it respectfully to market myself. Itís not an endorsement of my proficiency, and you wonít find a diploma of soul healing in my healing room. Iíve been described as a spiritual healer, energy healer, faith healer, and medical intuitive. All those descriptions are accurate, but faith, love and intention are more important than title.  

I believe human potential is unlimited and together we can create perfect health. The healing allows your life to flow with abundance, helps you to connect with your higher self, and live a life filled with success, happiness, love, and health. 

As a medium and psychic Iím able to communicate to and work with spirit, follow energy threads into generational spirit, and re-visit past lives. This ability complements the healing, and clients interact with and experience spirit. I can also connect clients to spirit guides and family and friends in spirit.

My mission is to transcend the barriers between race, religion, and all fields of medicine. I dream of the day when genuine healers work side by side with doctors and surgeons. I live in Queensland, Australia, and work for the world.