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Mid-Atlantic US Tour 2017

Simon Hay is returning to the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States for a series of events in April and August! (August schedule to be finalised)

Restoration, Transformation, and Conversation with Internationally Renowned Soul Healer, Simon Hay

Simon will be in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia from April 3rd to May 2nd He will be doing soul healing integration workshops, soul healing and conversation events and private sessions. Visit the facebook Mid Atlantic tour page for event locations, booking details and updates.


Soul Healing Integration Workshop

Whether youíre a practitioner of an alternative or allopathic modality of healing, a veterinarian, an animal communicator, a psychic medium, or someone who is curious about spirit and energy healing, this workshop is for you.   

What to expect: Healer and medium, Simon Hay, will talk about the series of events he experienced with spirit that lead him to be a healer and medium. Heíll share successful healing stories to strengthen belief in energy healing, discuss belief systems that limit positive healing outcomes and spirit connection, empower you to believe that you can be a healer, and attune you to his spirit teamís healing vibration.

Guided meditations: Simon will introduce you to spirit guides, instruct how to remote view and shift your consciousness, and teach how to do successful distant healings. These altered-state experiences attune to spirit and universal healing vibrations.

Personal instruction: Simon and Michelle, Simonís first student, soul healer and medical-medium, will instruct how to do in-person healings. You will receive healing and do healings.

Q and A: Your questions about soul healing/energy healing and working with spirit will be answered.

All who attend will receive healing.

The workshop will improve intuition, mediumship and spirit communication. 

2017 Workshop Locations

April 29th in Newark, Delaware


Soul Healing and Conversations

Enjoy an intimate and transformational evening with international medium and healer, Simon Hay.

Simon will talk about energy healing success and working with spirit. Heíll also do guided meditations to assist you to connect to spirit guides, spirit and past lives. This process heightens intuition, strengthens connection to spirit, and activates healing.

All who attend will receive healing, and for practitioners of any modality of healing, traditional and alternative, Simonís instruction will assist to accelerate the health responses you get with clients.

Simon will answer questions about energy healing and working with spirit. If time permits heíll do a demonstration of soul healing.

The attendance for these events is capped at 20. Spots will fill quickly!

Wednesday April 5th & Thursday April 13th @

Pike Creek Reiki and Healing Arts Centre

579 Upper Pike Creek Rd

Newark, DE

7:00 to 9:30 pm

Tickets: contact Tammy on +1 302-530-6682 or email

Thursday April 20th @

Vitality Ė Integrative Massage Therapy

248 Blake Rd

Elkton, MD

7:00 to 9:30 pm

Tickets: contact Michelle on +1 484-614-0492 


Meet and Greet and Book Signing Event

This is a free event! Meet Simon and, medical medium, Michelle Buss at Metamorphosis, 331 E. State St, Kennet Square, PA on Saturday 22nd April at 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Simon will not be doing healings and readings. This is an opportunity to meet Simon and Michelle, buy Simonís book and ask questions about Simonís career and upcoming events in the US. If youíre undecided about booking a private session with Simon or attending an event, meeting him will help you finalise that decision. Refreshments provided.

To reserve attendance, contact Michelle Buss at


Mediumship and Intuitive Readings Event

Presenting with Tammy Petruccelli and Michelle Buss, Simon will be doing readings at The Center For Joyful Living, 5201 W Woodmill Dr, suite 31 and 32, Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday 22nd April at 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. 

Attendance doesnít guarantee youíll get a reading or healing. 

To book, contact Tammy Petruccelli at


Iím looking forward to presenting to and meeting all who attend these events. Love and healing, Simon and spirit team


Book a Private Session With Simon 

Contact Michelle Buss on +1 484-614-0492 to book a private session with Simon in Elton, MD and in Newark, DE