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About Simon

Simon is an accomplished healer, medical intuitive and evidential medium. He intuits accurate information about people and spirit, has performed numerous successful healings, and is well respected in the field of energy healing and alternative health. He travels throughout Australia doing live events, healings and readings, and has toured parts of the USA, Canada and New Zealand. He also does remote healings and readings via video call worldwide.

Born in New Zealand, he is the son of a carpenter and homemaker. An avid sports fan, Simon played representative rugby as a teen and flourished outdoors. He aspired to be a geologist, archaeologist and sports star, but left school to work on dairy and sheep farms throughout the North Island of New Zealand. 

At age twenty-two, Simon relocated to Australia, worked as a plumber and trained in Zen Do Kai karate in his adult life. He holds a second dan black belt, but has since retired.

During a meditation in the summer of 2000, Simon met his spirit guide, Gegu, a Buddhist monk. After this out of body experience, Simon became aware of the presence of angels and spirits around him. At first, they communicated only during meditation, but within months they physically materialised: Jesus, His family, a biblical cast, relatives, and children.

Gegu and Jesus became Simonís constant companions. They introduced him to Indigenous elders, healers, shamans, monks, spirits, from all cultures and periods of time: a never-ending source of knowledge, energy, and healing skills. It was this that activated Simonís healing ability.

When Simon is home he spends time with his family and pets. He enjoys camping, fishing, watching movies, discovering new authors, and scares easily ó a trait family and friends exploit. Dogs and old ladies like him ó itís a mystery.