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Hello and welcome. I have absolute faith in the healing process, but I encourage you to read all the material on this site before making a decision to consult with me.

Soul healing is an integrative therapy that enables healing and restorative balance for body, mind and spirit. Soul healing is an alternative and complimentary therapy that supports, but is not a replacement for, the treatment of disease and injury by conventional means.

Clients gain insight into and are freed from the forces that contribute to harmful addictive behaviours. Improved emotional and physical health, reconciliation, forgiveness, self-awareness, self-worth and self-love are some of the positive responses of attending a session. 

I believe human potential is unlimited and together we create perfect health. The healing changes subtle energy fields and systems in the body, allowing positive health responses to manifest. It also reaches and heals clientís family members, friends, associated people and past generations of family in spirit.

Clients bestowed the title soul healer and I use it respectfully to represent myself. Itís not an endorsement of my proficiency, and you wonít find a diploma of soul healing in my healing room. Iíve been described as a spiritual healer, energy healer, faith healer, and medical intuitive. All of those descriptions are accurate, but for the majority of people ó and I respect their opinions ó those descriptions are confusing, laughable and questionable.

Although Iíve done numerous successful healings, Iíve also been unsuccessful many times. Some clients have had a nil or negligible health response. Iím sharing that because honesty and trust are vital components in creating a healthy outcome. Itís important to me you have all the facts before making the decision to come to see me.     

Iím an evidential medium and can access and share accurate information about spirit. As a psychic medium Iím able to communicate to and work with spirit, introduce clients to spirit guides and re-visit past lives. This ability complements the healing, and allows some clients to interact with and experience spirit. During healings and readings, many of my clients have felt physical contact from spirit.

My mission is to transcend the barriers between race, religion, and all fields of medicine. I believe in time, genuine healers will work side-by-side with doctors and surgeons. Iím grateful to live on Gubbi Gubbi land in Queensland, Australia, and work for the world.

Before booking a session with me, read all the information and the disclaimer on this website.