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Distant Healing

Distant healing is as powerful as if you were in my healing room, but it requires clients to have a higher level of faith. In some instances, distant healing is more effective than in-person. The healing vibration is not limited by distance. Everyone has a unique experience, and itís possible to feel the same sensations that youíd have in my healing room. 

When I respond to your distant healing request, email me back and tell me what I'll be healing. I prefer to video chat via Zoom or Facetime at the start of the session, but if we donít Iíll ask you to email or text a recent photo of yourself. 

At the time of the healing, lie down and relax. I prefer that you lie on your back, but any position thatís comfortable is fine. Someone else can be with you, but Iíd rather they didnít touch you. The session will go for an hour, but you can rest and relax for as long as you like. 

Don't be nervous if you feel someone touching you, feel heavy, your limbs move, you start rolling over, or any other sensation or emotion described on this site. You may have an experience that Iíve not witnessed before. Stay calm, as fear will cause resistance. 

How long is the session?

45 to 60 minutes. Some clients fall asleep so the time varies. Iím in a meditative state for 30 minutes and usually canít get up for another 15 minutes, but at times I feel like Iím still healing hours after the session has ended.

How will I know the session is over?

Clients have told me they know, even if they havenít experienced any of the more physical responses, that itís time to get up. 

Why didnít I feel anything?

Itís rare but, during an in-person healing, some clients feel nothing. I believe levels of self-awareness and observation, or lack of, influence the experience.

What should I do after the healing?

Relax and drink lots of water. You may experience healing responses for a period of time or days afterwards. If you have a depressed response ó lethargy, anxiety, anger, agitation, pain ó consider contacting me for another healing. The feeling will pass in time, but if itís unbearable, another healing will alleviate this response. 


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