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Online Energy Healing Workshop

Via Zoom, enjoy an educational and entertaining energy healing workshop with healer and medium, Simon Hay

When: Sunday 1st November 9 am to 12 pm AEST (QLD time)

Where: Online via Zoom 

Cost: $66.00 Purchase tickets here

This workshop’s primary goals are to:

  • Assist attendees to connect with (healing) spirit guides and open pathways of communication
  • Assimilate attendees with universal healing vibrations to accomplish positive health outcomes
  • Master one’s mind and intent
  • Strengthen faith
  • Empower attendees to believe they’re healers and attune each to their spirit team’s healing vibration
  • Answer attendees questions about energy healing and spirit
  • Discuss belief systems and practices that limit or accelerate positive healing outcomes and spirit connection

All are welcome to attend. Whether you’re a practitioner of an alternative or conventional modality of healing, a veterinarian, an animal communicator, a psychic medium, or someone who is curious about spirit and energy healing, this workshop is for you. 

Zoom meeting link is in the ticket confirmation email. Test your video and audio prior to the meeting. 

Attendance is capped at 20.

This is an adults (16+) only workshop. 

Prior to attending this event, read the disclaimer in it's entirety. 

Health follows peace

Energy Healing Webinar

Register here to attend this free 90 minute webinar via Zoom on Sunday 15th October 9 am to 10:30 am AEST.

Simon will talk about these and other energy healing topics:

  • Beneficial and restrictive beliefs and behaviours to improve or impair healing outcomes
  • Methods to improve healing outcomes
  • Tips to improve spirit guide, spirit and interpersonal-spirit access and communication
  • Personal observations of Simon’s healing and mediumship experiences

If you have a question about energy healing you’d like Simon to answer, email it to Put ‘chasing wombats’ in the subject line. 

Download the free Zoom app prior to the webinar.