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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to book a separate healing and reading?

Everyone who comes for a healing gets a partial reading, and everyone who books for a reading receives healing. Be mindful and honest about why youíre seeing me, though. If itís for an illness or injury, fully disclose what the illness or injury is. If itís just for a reading, disclose that also.

What should I do to prepare for my healing session?

Try not to have any preconceived expectations about the process or outcome. If youíre a sceptic, keep an open mind and turn up.

What should I do after the healing?

Relax and drink lots of water. You may experience  healing responses for a period of time or days afterwards. If you have a depressed response ó lethargy, anxiety, anger, agitation, pain, flu-like symptoms ó consider contacting me for another healing. The feeling will pass in time, but if itís unbearable, another healing will alleviate this response.

Why didnít I have a miraculous and immediate health response?

Not everyone has a positive health response and I donít know what will occur during or after a healing until it does. Most clients need follow up sessions to be completely well. From experience, Iíve noted that these things will interfere with the healing process and prevent wellness:

How open and honest you are. Fully disclose why youíve come to see me. I respect that youíre sceptical, but if you test me, the forces you use to be mistrustful and deceptive will interfere with the process, block the information I can access and affect the outcome. Be honest with yourself. You may not want to get well.

Mistrust. Trust in any situation and relationship is difficult for some. By interacting with the subtle energy fields and systems of your body and mind, spirit and I are telepathically and manually attempting to gain your trust.

Fear. Whether itís known or in your subconscious, itís common to have some degree of fear. Accept it, be honest about it and allow spirit and I to ease it. Surrender.

Lack of self-awareness. Your illness or injury may be serving an aspect of your personality and lifestyle. Now that youíre unwell, you may be receiving the attention youíve always wanted.

Being selfless. Selfless people subconsciously redirect the healing to others: spouses, children, extended family, and pets. Be sensibly selfish. Itís time to heal.

Expectation. Itís best to have no preconceived expectation of the outcome. I respect that thatís difficult, but try to be nonchalant and relaxed.

Financial insecurity. If you receive insurance or welfare payments for illness or injury, the fear of losing those payments can contribute to limiting a healthy outcome.

Thinking you know how Iím healing you. This is particularly problematic if clients are practitioners of any modality of healing or have an interest in mind body spirit concepts.

Idolisation. Some clients, awed by what theyíve heard about me, give me celebrity status. For clients, this adulation is unhealthy. Gegu, my spirit guide directs me to, ďdo great things, but be small.Ē Iím surprisingly regular and actually do look like my profile photo.

Laziness. Please, you've been given another chance; exercise, eat well, and be happy.

Booking a healing with another healer on the same day youíve booked to see me. Double booking indicates doubt and Ďmoreí isnít always beneficial. If you donít get a positive health response after a healing or healings with me, research and see healers who get recordable health responses.

In some healings none of these factors inhibit the health response. Most often, soul healing is a wonderful mystery.

Do I have to have faith in you or the process to become well?

No, but itís supportive if you do. I have to have faith. You just have to show up and be open-minded. 

Do I have to be unwell to book a healing with you? 

No. Many clients book to see me because they enjoy the process and they believe the healing enriches all aspects of their life.

Can my friend or family member be with me during the healing and reading?

She/he can, but you will both have to pay full price for the session. Book two sessions. If youíre both in the room Iíll be reading and healing both of you.

Do you do healings on toddlers and children?

Yes. For children under sixteen, I ask for a parent to be present during the healing. The majority of healings for children are done via distant healing. 

Is it okay to have a healing when pregnant?

Yes. Curiously, the baby chats telepathically to me during the healing and will often follow my hand movement by rolling and moving towards my hand. After healings, some mothers believe pregnancy and birthing were more comfortable and less painful than previous ones. 

Can you help me to stop smoking and drinking?

Iíll identify why you drink and smoke, but you will have to be disciplined to stop. A number of clients believe coming to see me assisted them to give up addictive habits. I also believe that to be true, but afterwards they exercised self-discipline and actively pursued a healthier lifestyle. One client, who smoked fifty plus cigarettes a day, claims she was unable to draw on a smoke after seeing me four times for another debilitating health issue. She fully recovered from the health issue, but chose to smoke again after four months of not.

Do you do discounted sessions or shorter readings? 

No. I donít always use the allocated time, but thereís never a short reading. Most clients always want something more.

Do you read minds?

No. Maybe. I read consciousness, subtle energy systems and physical systems of the body. 

Do you know who my spirit guides are?

Often, yes. If this is something you want to know, ask me at the start of your session. Using guided visualisation, I can help you to see and communicate with your spirit guides.  

Do you do past life regressions?

No, but soul exploration is similar. I see images and access information from past lives. Iím also able to assist you to see, in your mind, memories from past lives: people, locations and scenes.

Should I take my jewellery off?

No. The healing vibration is intelligent enough to be unaffected by bling.

Should I take my clothes off?

No. Youíd be surprised how often Iím asked this question. Obviously, and disturbingly, other healers are asking clients to do this.

Can you heal cancer? 

Of all the illnesses Iíve worked with, this is the question Iím asked the most. Iíve been successful many times and have also been heartbreakingly unsuccessful. Many clients seek me out after exhausting traditional treatments and close to death. I always have faith and Iím always honest about what I believe the outcome of a healing or healings will be, ďI donít know.Ē

The decision to see an alternative healer is brave. Despite the faith I have in soul healing, I wonít discourage you from continuing to follow a traditional path of healing. Itís unethical and irresponsible for me to do so. Iím also an advocate for science and competent health practitioners. I direct many clients to consult with their doctors and traditional health practitioners.   

How many healing sessions should I have?

With chronic illnesses I like to do two to three healings, either in-person or via distance, close together, but you must commit to that. Some health responses manifest slowly and in layers. The first healing may address emotion, fear and reunion with spirit, the second, generational trauma, energy field trauma, past injuries and illnesses, and hopefully in the third, health. 

When should I book again? 

Whenever youíd like to.

A period of time after seeing me, many clients have described dreaming about me, constantly thinking about me, seeing my name everywhere, some have had my website appear on an idle laptop or other device. I believe this is spiritís way of encouraging you to see me again.     

Do you really love me? 

Yes I do.

ďOh! You love me in a cosmic spiritual way.Ē

No. I love you in a human way.

ď Ö ď

Yes, I really love you.

What illnesses and injuries have you successfully healed? 

Iíve hesitated to share this list because I want to soften the disappointment some will feel if they donít experience a health response. If your illness is on this list it doesnít guarantee, if you have a healing session with me, you will heal. For me, thatís frustrating and mysterious.

Iím sharing that because I want to be completely honest with visitors to my website, clients and friends. Most of my successes are unrecorded. I donít have written client testimonial. Friends and family of past clients report most successful outcomes. More than anything, I want readers of my website to experience honesty, trust, love and healing here.


Glandular fever



Genital herpes

Urinary tract infection



Tilted uterus ó many clients have described their uterus/cervix moving

Period pain

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome


Joint pain

Rheumatoid arthritis ó pain relief, reduction in swelling and improved mobility and posture

Frozen shoulder

Detached muscle

Nerve pain ó unexplained pain


Fibromyalgia ó after multiple sessions (had immediate success after only one session a number of times)  

Chronic fatigue syndrome ó after multiple sessions

Depression ó after multiple sessions (have had immediate success after one session a few times) 

Anxiety ó after multiple sessions (have had immediate success after one session a few times) 

PTSD ó after multiple sessions

Anorexia ó after multiple sessions (had immediate success after one session only once)

Chronic migraine ó immediate and partial responses

Blood clots

Diabetes ó improved overall health after multiple sessions

Hernia ó immediate and partial repair

Urinary incontinence

Photo dermatitis

Many clients with difficult to diagnose debilitating health conditions have had full and partial health responses. There have been many clients with other illnesses that Iíve not listed here who have only experienced a partial health response.

Can I Hug you?


Can I record my session/reading? 

Yes. I donít, so you will have to bring a device that records.

Can I give you a healing and reading?

No. Some clients who believe theyíre healers, psychics and mediums ask this. Please donít, and donít give yourself reiki during your session.