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What to Expect During a Healing

80%+ of clients come for readings, so everyone is given the option to either lie on the healing table or sit on a comfortable chair/recliner at the start of the session.

For psychic-medium readings (and healings), read this blog post, ĎHow do you do healings and readings?í If youíve attended for a healing for a mental or physical health issue you will still get a partial reading. Mediumship is integrated with my energy healing style. Spirit healers ó psychologists, surgeons, doctors, midwives, specialist health practitioners, Indigenous healers, people of faithÖ ó assist to create positive healing outcomes; provide information about life events and generational/cultural patterns that are the causes of physical and mental health issues and support clients.

Numerous times, spirit have informed about unknown serious health issues, have directed me to tell clients to see doctors and health specialists. Clients have later confirmed that the information spirit provided was accurate. To clarify, I donít diagnose illness or offer medical advice. I encourage clients to see accredited health specialists.

For clients whoíve attended for a healing, itís comforting to know family members and friends in spirit are supporting them through health crises.

For healings, the majority of private sessions are done with clients lying on a massage table. Most people prefer to lie on their back, but you can also lie face down or on your side. Or be seated. If seated I might sit on a chair behind or beside you and place hands on head, shoulders, arm or on the site of injury/pain.

At the start of healing sessions, I describe how Iíll be communicating, where my hands may be placed and ask permission to do so. During the session, Iíll continue to notify about hand placements and ask if youíre comfortable.

Usually, my hands hover over you until I place them somewhere on your body. Often my hands rock slowly back and forward, move in a slow circular motion, squeeze gently, and my fingers twitch or tap sporadically. At some stage during the session, I may hold your hand, rest a hand on your shoulder, chest, navel, hip, thigh, forehead or side of head.

You may also experience physical contact from spirit and spirit healers. Many clients have described feeling spiritís hands placed on them and physical sensations throughout their bodies. See the healing responses described on this page. 

I allow up to sixty minutes for treatments, but the timing is flexible. Sometimes Iím finished in thirty minutes, and sometimes I need more time. I donít do shorter or discounted sessions. 

Depending on your reason for attending, I may talk throughout the session or be quiet for periods. As well as getting information from spirit I also have conversations, in my mind, with clientís subconscious minds, body systems and energy fields. I describe this process at the start of and during sessions.

During those conversations I hear and intuit information about a wide range of topics: clientís, and other people known by clients, past, present and future events; family, friends, relationships, mental and physical health issues, addictions, sexual abuse, violence, sexuality, sexual practices, gender, identifying marks/descriptions on/of clientís or others bodies ó tattoos, scars, shape, body mobility, skin tones, hair style/colour, etc.

This is beneficial for identifying people, particularly re experiences of violence and sexual trauma. 80%+ of clients have experienced sexual trauma and violence. Many times, Iím the only other person who knows or has been told. Detailed information shared honestly, respectfully and compassionately assists with healing.  

I acknowledge, for some, itís confronting to hear detailed personal information, but I do so respectfully and honestly. During healings and readings I repeatedly describe the process and ask if clients are okay with whatís occurring. 

Itís possible to feel a gamut of emotions and feelings on the healing table: calm, joy, love, ecstasy, grief, anger, fear, depression, etc. Everyone has a unique experience, and I cannot predict what emotions will surface.

Itís possible to relive, remember, and see moments in this lifetime and from past lives. Itís also common to see, feel and communicate with spirit, orbs and light bodies/shapes.

Itís rare, but some clients have no physical or emotional responses. Despite this, while having an in-person or distant healing, positive health outcomes still may occur. I cannot predict what will happen, but Iím always surprised.

Please understand that Iím not clinically trained, I have no medical training, and even though Iím able to see into and [seemingly] Ďtravelí through your body, often Iím unaware of what Iím seeing, or why Iím there.

My intention is to heal physical and mental health issues, be respectful and compassionate, but I donít know what will happen during or after a healing until it does. Healing responses and outcomes, if they occur, occur automatically. I simply intend health.

Spirit healers instruct what to say, where to make contact, where to stand and regulate my body language and tone of voice. I share this during sessions.

I believe, itís beneficial to have follow-up sessions, but thatís a decision you should make. Iíve been successful many times with a single healing, but often healing occurs in stages. If you have a chronic illness Iíd like to see you two to four times in succession, but Iíve seen clients multiple times and have achieved no or negligible change. Follow-up sessions can be done via distant healing.

I respect that if youíd had no noticeable positive health change from the first session, youíll be reluctant to book again, but Iíve been doing healings for almost two decades now and have witnessed the benefits of multiple sessions.

I'm not in the business of misleading people. For me personally, itís frustrating that final healing outcomes are unpredictable. In all healings, my intention, focus and processes are the same, and some are unsuccessful. Throughout my career, Iíve always shared this.

My role in the healing process is that of facilitator. I believe my role is important but not exclusive. We can all heal, but not all of us will choose to, or believe we can. The healing vibration/frequency is present in all.

Healing Responses

Iíve attempted to make this list as comprehensive as possible, but itís possible you might experience something Iíve not witnessed before. This list is in no particular order. You might experience all, some, or none of these healing responses. There are many subtle and unique responses, but these are the most common.

Physical sensations These occur at specific locations, in varying area sizes or travel wave-like throughout and over clientís bodies: heat, cold, tingling, pressure, weight, tapping, needle-point painÖ

Sleep state Itís rare for clients not to relax enough to fall asleep. Theyíre often unaware of this until they wake. They describe hearing sound, but not being able to feel their body, and are surprised when I tell them theyíve been twitching and snoring.

OBE (out of body experience) Not many clients record leaving their bodies, but often coming back is uncomfortable and you might feel nauseous, sluggish, disorientated, dizzy, fearful, cold, or flushed. 

Puff breathing Every client who falls asleep breathes the same way. When they exhale their lips pop open and air is expelled in a rush. The duration and time between puffs varies, but everyone seems to do it.

Crying At some time, most clients cry during healings. Some cry silently, others sob uncontrollably.

Spasmodic twitching and movements The most common is rapid eye movement and head shaking.

Floating Limbs float off the healing table.

Loss of feeling It may feel like youíre floating above the table, or on water. Youíre aware, but you canít feel anything. Clients have described feeling one part of their body, but not another. For them, itís not just loss of feeling; the body part/portion is Ďmissing.í 

Pain This is a strange one, but occasionally clients experience pain. I think the main reason is because of nervousness or fear, but I also believe itís an unconscious desire for physical proof something is happening and the body-field creates evidence. Residue emotion óanger, frustration, fear, guilt, hatred, shame, self-loathing ó in the energy field can cause physical pain when itís shifting. Assisted by spirit, the intelligence of the body-field self-manipulates muscles and joints, and sometimes pain is experienced.

An aroused sensual response At the start of my career, it took more than four months and 100+ healings before I became aware clients were experiencing this. My focus has always been on intending positive health. I donít centre myself in healing sessions. In some healings, men have gotten erections and women have orgasmed. Be reassured, itís not intentional. During healing sessions, I canít make any healing response occur. All healing responses happen automatically.

This response occurs less now, mostly, because I talk more during healings now than at the start of my career. This holds clients in conscious-attention states, which lessens unconscious automatic responses. Despite this, some clients will still experience an aroused response. As with all healing responses, Iím sharing this for transparency, to allow clients to make an informed decision about booking a session. During healings, if I sense this response may occur, I talk about it with clients.

Iíve identified that this response occurs with clients who have low libido, low self-esteem, repressed sexuality, known and unknown incidences of sexual abuse and violence, and who feel unhappy, unfulfilled, disrespected, and threatened in current and historic relationships.

I believe this response occurs in some instances, not all, because the healing vibration stimulates the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve in the body. Thereís a lot of recognised medical research to support this. Google, for information.

Heightened senses and sensitivity (this is one of the reasons for the sensual response) Sense of smell and hearing is amplified and even though your eyes might be closed you may still Ďseeí the room.

Communication and interaction with spirit Iíve seen clientís hands floating in the air and holding a parents or grandparentís hand. Mothers who have lost a child have felt them in their arms or womb. Clients frequently tell me that theyíve seen and talked to family in spirit, angels, guides, and Jesus. Itís common to feel spiritís hands on you. Sometimes I step away from the table and clients will still feel hands resting on them.

A slideshow of images, moments in this life and past lives This usually accompanies the rapid eye movements.

Feeling youíve moved, but you havenít You may believe that youíve been rolled over, but you havenít actually moved.

Gurgling, popping, and movement through the body The sounds are similar to digestive sounds and follow my hand movements, occur at the location my hand is placed or hovering.

A full bladder Immediately after healings, clients describe having the biggest wee theyíve ever had.

Involuntary gasping or screaming This occurs during healings for trauma and occur in time with the screams I see.

All emotions

Relive and act out moments in your life During healings for childhood trauma some clients display childhood postures which match the images Iím seeing.

A youthful appearance

Changes in eye colour Momentarily immediately after healings.

Automatic and repeated sneezing and yawning

Sudden temperature changes

A depressed response One in twenty (approx.) clients feel depressed after a healing. They may also experience nausea, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and muscle pain. This usually sets in six to twelve hours after the healing. If this happens, think about me or look at my photo and ask for further healing. Many clients have benefitted by doing this. If it persists Iíll need to see you again or give you a distant healing as soon as possible. By neutralising the reactive frequencies in your energy-field you no longer feel like yourself. This shift in identity and how you now interact energetically with the world overwhelms some people. In every instance the second healing fixes this feeling.

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