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What to Expect During a Healing

Healing Table The majority of private sessions, healings and readings, are done with clients lying on a massage table. Most people prefer to lie on their back, but you can also lie face down or on your side. Please ask if you wish to be seated. The healing can be done while sitting opposite or beside each other, but I will ask to hold your hand or hands. I may also sit on a chair behind you and place a hand on head, shoulders, arms and hip.

Physical Contact My hands will hover over you until I place them somewhere on your body. Often my hands rock slowly back and forward, move in a circular motion, squeeze gently, and my fingers twitch or tap sporadically. I値l probably hold your hand, rest a hand on your shoulder, navel, hip, thigh, forehead or side of your face. Please tell me at the start of the session if you feel uncomfortable with physical contact.

You may experience contact from spirit and spirit healers. Many clients have described feeling other hands and physical sensations throughout their bodies. 

Time I allow up to seventy-five minutes for treatments, but the timing is flexible. Sometimes I知 finished in thirty minutes, and sometimes I need more time. I don稚 do shorter or discounted sessions. 

Conversation Sometimes I talk a lot or say very little. Everything I say during a healing I知 guided to. It will be personal and may be confronting. I intuit information that clients have never spoken about and when I don稚, clients tell me. I always try to be diplomatic and respectful, but we are two strangers meeting for the first time, and we all communicate in different ways.

During healings, a union is formed between your soul and mine. I知 channeling spirit, angels and your guides, and they may ask me to say, 的 love you. I feel genuine love for clients and that is a powerful component of the healing. Spirit loves us.

Emotions It痴 possible you will feel a gamut of emotions and feelings on the healing table: calm, joy, love, ecstasy, grief, anger, fear, depression, etc. Everyone has a unique experience, and I cannot predict what emotions will surface. The final feeling will be positive: calm, love, bliss, peace, etc.

Sensations You may feel a variety of sensations: warmth, cold, involuntary movements, spasms, loss of feeling, a sense of floating, falling, flying, out of body, a deep sleep state, discomfort, pain, fatigue etc.

It痴 possible to relive, remember, and see moments in this lifetime and or moments from past lives. It痴 common to see, feel and communicate with spirit. It痴 rare, but some clients have no physical or emotional responses. I cannot predict what will happen, but I知 always surprised.

I知 not clinically trained Please understand that I have no medical training, and even though I知 able to see into and 奏ravel through your body, often I知 unaware of what I知 seeing, or why I知 there. I don稚 know what will happen during or after a healing until it does.

Follow up sessions It痴 beneficial to have follow up sessions, but that痴 a decision you should make. I致e been successful many times with a single healing, but often healing occurs in stages. If you have a chronic illness I壇 like to see you two to four times in succession. Follow up sessions can be done via distant healing.

I respect that if you壇 had no noticeable health response from the first session, you値l be reluctant to book again, but I致e been doing healings for almost two decades now and have witnessed the benefits of multiple sessions.

Can I help you? I知 not sure, but let痴 find out. This isn't entirely correct, but honesty is important to me, and I'm not in the business of misleading people. I believe I can help everybody, but the final outcome is unpredictable. You may have come to see me to fix a sore back, and leave with improved eyesight and a happy heart.

Healer My role in the healing process is that of facilitator. I believe my role is important but not exclusive. We can all heal, but not all of us will choose to, or believe we can. The vibration/frequency for healing is present in all of us.

Psychic readings Everyone who comes for a healing will receive a partial or full reading. Read this article, How Do I Heal and Do Psychic Readings, for further information.