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Referrals are important to me, and my life is enriched by my work. I enjoy hearing the voices of my clients and all testimonials are placed here unedited.

Thank you, Simon.


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Last year, I attended one of your workshops and became aware of the healing work that you do. At the same time, I learned from my daughter and son-in-law that a friend of theirs named Marcia who had cancer was in hospice and expected to live less than a week. I arranged for you to do distance healing for her and told my daughter and son-in-law to let her know that healing and prayers were being offered for her. Several weeks later I asked my daughter how Marcia was doing. My daughter told me that suddenly Marcia’s tumor had disappeared, and she was released from hospice to go home to be with her family. There was no medical explanation for her sudden recovery. It was a miracle healing.

Yesterday, well over a year since the healing, I asked my daughter and her husband how Marcia was doing. They said she is doing totally fine.

Simon, thank you for the love and healing that you share with the world. There are no boundaries that limit healing and the power of love. Nothing is impossible.

With great love and gratitude, Gail K – Rochester, NY

My name is K and I came to see you in November last year. I don't know what happened or what you did, but there are a few things that I didn't tell you about. One being that for a few months prior to seeing you I had been in and out of the doctors having x-rays, ultrasounds, internals, and even a CT scan. I had severe stomach pains all the time, and in the end I went into hospital where they went inside my stomach and found nothing. I was still having pain right up to the time when I saw you. During my healing you said that you found something inside my stomach the size of a pea and you were breaking it up. I thought to myself, hmmmm. Well I didn't think anything of it as a doctor couldn't fix me, but after getting off the table I went into the bathroom and had the biggest pee of my life that actually hurt (sorry). It was like I gave birth. I don't know if that was getting rid of the pain or what you did, but I no longer have any pains in the stomach. ????? I just want to say thank you for everything. Xxx

K – VIC, Australia

Prior to my first session with Simon Hay, I had been bed ridden for almost three weeks with Glandular Fever. After a one and half hour session with Simon, I walked out completely healed. No symptoms and full of energy. This was miraculous for me.

I have had further sessions with Simon as I feel so energized afterwards. Other symptoms that I have had, such as awful PMS, is now under control and I have such clear breathing.

I highly recommend a session with Simon Hay and I'm happy to talk to anyone who has questions regarding my experience.

Lisa Ewings – Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

I heard about Simon through a dear friend, and how great her experience was.

I had some concerns about some elements from my past that still effected me to no end, along with some concerns about my future, specifically, becoming a mother and getting married. I longed to close some doors on my past in order to live a free and positive future.

I was given closure on a few things, almost like all the burden of those emotional instances in my life had been removed completely. The memory of them remains, however, the negative emotional connection has disappeared.

I was told for the past 4 years that the dream of becoming a mother may be hindered by PCOS (poly cysric ovarian syndrome), and scarring from an operation I had had earlier. I was not able to ovulate normally or without pain.

The day after I saw Simon something amazing happened! I began to experience the normal effects of ovulation! This was confirmed by my doctor two days later who advised that there was a perfectly good medical explanation for this. One which he couldn't provide me after four years of tests and painful ovulation and other womanly episodes!

I am certain that the healing powers of Simon and friends were at work, and I look forward to my next encounter with him. xx love and light xx – R, QLD, Australia

I've been to Simon Hay twice now. My first healing was emotional and I wasn't really sure what to expect. After the birth of my fifth child I was going through a very emotional time in my life. Everything seemed to be going wrong. I was unhappy, always angry with the kids, my mum had died four and a half years ago and everything seemed to be getting me down. I took a big step and went and saw Simon. I laid on the table and cried from the minute he started to the minute he finished. Everything Simon said made me cry, but everything he said I could relate too. After the healing I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I walked away feeling free because I had talked to mum again, but a little part of me was still a bit unsure whether it was mum or just what I needed to hear at the time. It wasn't until the second healing five months later that I knew for certain it was mum.

During the second healing I had no questions or expectations, I was there to see what simon would find. Half way through the healing I could feel someone playing with my hair. I could feel my head turning towards that someone, I wanted to cuddle them, wanted them to kiss me, and it wasn't until I moved my hand to grab the hand of the person playing with my hair that I opened my eyes and it wasn't Simon. The tears slowly started rolling down my face. I knew it was mum playing with my hair like she used to do when I was younger. Not only did I get healed that day, but I got to feel my mum around me again. How I miss her everyday and, now, thanks to Simon I now have a connection with my mum.

Simon Hay is an amazing man, healer and an inspiration. Simon, thank you for all you have done for me. Xo – Sheree Roberts, Ararat, VIC, Australia

Simon says: Sheree, you're welcome and thank you. Sheree later visited her mother's grave and her mother sat with, hugged her, and played with her hair.

I live over 11,000 KM away from Simon, but wasn't deterred in booking a distance healing after hearing good things from a friend of mine. Upon my first contact with Simon via email, I felt a loving presence. I can't describe it properly in words, but I felt this almost instantly, even before he responded to my query, which was not long after I sent my request.
While resting that evening I felt a warm hand on my heart -- this was an indescribable feeling of warmth and comfort. I felt my mind freeing from old hurts and emotional pain. The healing has not stopped; it is like a water faucet that has been opened and continues to flow freely.
Please don't hesitate to work with Simon. I can only speak for my personal experience, but working with Simon has been remarkable.
Simon, thank you for opening your heart to me, and for sharing your gifts with the world. Love to you, my friend.
Lori, West Coast, USA

A good friend of mine told me about Simon, and the smartest thing I've ever done was to go and see him.

I had just been told by yet another specialist that nothing more could be done. The operations had made things worse. The urethra wouldn't close off and my life was nightmare. I was stuck at home too frightened to go out.

I had diabetes, which was sky high, asthma, and osteoarthritis. The pain was terrible and it was everywhere.

After three treatments my water works were much better. I have had to retrain my bladder to work. After five treatments everything is back to normal: my pancreas is working, my osteoarthritis is nearly pain free, and my bladder is 100%.

I can now wear shorts and slacks and will be swimming next summer. I can now walk from Nobby Beach to Miami Hill and back, no worries. Six days a week I can now exercise for one hour, and on my day off I do half an hour.

I cannot thank Simon enough for giving me back my life.

Chris - Gold Coast

I have known Simon for some time and have been blessed by his healing touch and the genuine warmth of his soul. I find it hard to put into words just what Simon does or how he does it, so I asked spirit for help. They guided me to this quote by Mike Dooley.

Never has there walked the face of the earth someone who thinks with Simon's degree of insight. Who loves with Simon's degree of care, or who feels with his degree of hope. And never has there been such a need, for a soul with gifts like Simon's, because at this very moment there are people only he can reach, and differences only he can make. 

Janelle - Burpengary

Simon (earth angel),

Before treatments with you I had been depressed, confused, miserable, purposeless, and I had lost all of my hair. The hair loss has been a recurring problem over a period of about 10 years. The low level of self esteem I had kept me in a pretty low state. I felt as if life was never going to get any better.

Thank you so much for the healings you have given me, it has helped me heal at a soul level. I have had miraculous changes occur within me and my life. Now I have clarity of mind, I have discovered a purposeful direction, and I feel happy and joyous within myself. I feel as if I have a connection with myself and God that I have never had before, a real core level connection. I have let go of many hang ups I had that were holding me back. Unhealed childhood issues are no longer haunting me today. Oh and very importantly my hair is growing back, YIPPEEEE.

Thank you for the healings you gave my mum. She is able to move her body in ways she hasn't been able to move for a long time, and she has been virtually pain free. This is quite amazing considering she was in pain all the time with RSDS and fibromyalgia. There were immediate physical improvements with her body as a result of healings with you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love to you.

Catherine - Burpengary

If you would like to connect with your guides, need to heal a physical injury or ailment or just want to expand your awareness then I recommend a treatment with Simon as he has helped me with all of those.
I am fit and healthy, but have had numerous injuries to my spine, hips, neck, and shoulders, and consequently I have had pain and stiffness in these injured areas. I have seen Simon every 5 weeks for 6 months and now have more freedom and ease in my body than I have had in years.
He has assisted me in strengthening my connection to my guides, which in turn has heightened my awareness on all levels, so I am now able to work more deeply on myself.
If you cannot see Simon in person then I recommend having distant healings, which are profound and helped both myself and someone dear to me in her last few days when she was dying of cancer.
Lastly, I have been having the fabulous hot flushes that come with menopause and now I probably have one every few days and they are very gentle in comparison. Fantastic!
A big thank you Simon for all your wonderful work.
Fiona - Gold Coast

Thank you for the gift you have given me.

While doing research for my Young Adult novel I came across Simon’s blog. I was immediately drawn to his warm presence and genuine soul. I had questions about angels, more importantly my angel. In every car I have owned, a silhouette of angel wings appears on the back window when wet. I also wanted to know what he experienced when he was healing. Simon kindly answered all of my questions, my endless amount of why’s, then scheduled a distance healing. This journey began as research. Little did I know the experience would be a life altering one.

While resting, I felt Simon’s warm presence wash over me. I cannot begin to tell you how comforting this was. Years of bottled up emotion and spirits filled me. My hands and feet burned like I could start a fire with my touch. I felt tugging on my hands like I was supposed to go somewhere and I wasn’t. Perhaps taking the wrong path.

After the healing I could feel the distrust, fear, and low self-esteem that plagued me, relinquish its nasty grip. It was replaced by a new found love for myself, excitement for each new day, and so much creative energy that I could hardly contain it. Now, I know where I am supposed to go.

My angel that rode on my back window for all of those years, now rides beside me, holding my hand. Thank you for flipping on that inner light when I needed it most. It now burns brightly because of you and your gift of healing.

Happy writing, love, and healing,

Lisa - Michigan, USA